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Becoming a member of Thrive makes you join a network of driven students and respected professionals. This network is built to work together in order to learn from and support each other. Thrive is currently active for Italian-speaking and German-speaking university students and fresh graduates.

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Future Changers

Becoming Thrivers, university students and fresh graduates can join volunteer, short-term and remote consulting projects for SMEs and startups in Italy, Germany or Switzerland. The projects range from market research and financial analysis to digital innovation. Our student community is made by young disruptors coming from the best universities, who will be the leaders of tomorrow.


Why join Thrive?


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Step outside your comfort zone and challenge yourself to help our economy recover.


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Become part of a diverse community across Europe and expand your professional and personal network.


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Put the theory you have learned in class into practice and gain valuable experience for your CV.


What are the requirements to become a part of Thrive?
To register, you need a connection to the country you are applying to. If you are a student, you have to be at least in your 3rd semester of university.
I am a recent graduate, can I enroll?
Yes, you can join Thrive until one year post graduation.
What is the time commitment for a project?
The hours spent on a project vary depending on the client. However, students are expected to commit around 5 hours per week.
How do I stay up to date about upcoming projects?
We will send a weekly newsletter! Also, you can check the website and our social media channels for announcements.
How do we form the teams?
Project groups are matched based on individual preferences and skills. Moreover, we will try to create diverse teams (different universities and experiences). We believe this is the best way to meet new colleagues and friends!

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