We empower through creating a platform for students to learn, get practical experience and broaden their network. We create impact by delivering excellence through passion, diversity and an open mindset. We create opportunities through sourcing, matching and developing an environment for growth.

The Founders

We are Emanuele, Florent, Laura and Marcello, students from London Business School.

Emanuele Selva

Marcello Melandri

Florent Byland

Laura Griot

The Team

Florian Sander

Luisa Arnoldy

Anna Textor

Antonia Scherer

Giulia Marchegiani

Josephine Haag

Moritz Blattner

Pascale Schmid

Pasquale Troise

Yanna Brede

Alexandra Heye

Michele Giammarrusti

Francesco Canossi

Silvia Giovanna

Melissa Buzzi

Pino De Wilde

Giorgio Schirano

Mattia Gallese

Nicolò Castelli

Eleonora Callioni

Filippo Munari

Marco Mastrangelo

Carolina Sartoris

Emiliano di Marcantonio

Federico Corazza

Andrei Triscau

Valerio Kai Manzi

Letizia M. Belfiore

Tommaso Stella

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With Thrive we want to empower students to create social impact and promote the growth of SMEs. We aim to build a strong bond between all parties involved in the initiative, promoting the creation of lasting connections.

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